Containerization technologies are becoming increasingly popular in the cloud engineering world. They provide a way to quickly and easily deploy applications and services in a secure, consistent, and repeatable environment. The interviewer wants to know if you have experience with this technology and if you are comfortable with it. This is an important skill for a cloud engineer to have, and it’s important for the interviewer to know that you have the experience to be successful in the role.

azure cloud engineer interview questions

You should also mention how you monitor usage and utilization patterns to identify areas where additional savings can be made. Finally, it is important to demonstrate your knowledge of Azure Storage services such as Blob Storage, File Storage, and Disk Storage, and explain how each service can help reduce overall storage costs. To answer this question, you should explain the steps you take to monitor and optimize performance.

Intermediate Azure Interview Questions With Answers

This could involve reading technical documentation, attending training sessions, or consulting with experts. The new technology should then be tested in a controlled environment before being implemented in the live network. Ongoing monitoring would also be crucial to identify and address any issues that arise.

  • As a cloud engineer, you will be responsible for ensuring that all applications and services are secure and up to date.
  • Table Storage enables users to perform deployment with semi-structured datasets and a NoSQL key-value store.
  • The Azure app service provides a managed environment for hosting applications without the need to manage the underlying infrastructure.
  • Azure Monitor is generally used to optimize the performance and availability of applications and services on the cloud.
  • Be prepared to walk through your experience with Azure DevOps, including any projects you’ve worked on that required the use of this tool.
  • Start by describing your experience with the Azure platform, including any certifications you have obtained.
  • Finally, middleware can save money by reducing the need to buy and maintain hardware.

Q14) Explain Azure CDN – Content Delivery Network.Ans- CDNs are a distributed network of servers that deliver web content efficiently to users. The Azure CDN can also accelerate dynamic content, which cannot be cached, by leveraging various network optimizations. I manage version control in the cloud with version control systems like Git and Mercurial.

How to create a virtual machine on Azure?

This may include keeping up with security patches, using a multi-layered approach to security, and staying on top of industry best practices. You can also discuss any specific tools or processes that you use to ensure that the cloud environment is as secure as possible. Additionally, it’s important to emphasize your ability to stay ahead of potential threats and vulnerabilities in order to prevent them from becoming an issue.

It’s perfect for use in remote or disconnected environments because it will allow you to securely connect your application over the internet, regardless of where it’s located. This type of solution is particularly useful when you’re azure cloud engineer managing multiple applications across different geographical locations. A multi-cloud architecture employs numerous cloud services from various providers to fulfill redundancy, cost optimization, and vendor lock-in objectives.

How do you move a namespace from one Azure subscription to another?

Ans- Azure Vnet peering is a service that enables you to connect two virtual networks on different Azure regions and maintain the same IP address space. This allows for cross-region communication between applications, workloads, and other resources. If you are a hiring manager looking to hire cloud engineers, Turing can connect you with AI-vetted, highly experienced cloud experts that specialize in cloud computing on multiple platforms. Don’t put it off any longer; hire cloud engineers today and propel your company forward. This collection of the 100 best cloud interview questions and answers covers most of the essential topics you are likely to face in an interview.

  • You can also leverage this information to create charts and metric alerts in the Windows Azure platform.
  • This list of cloud interview questions is an essential resource if you are a candidate searching for cloud interview preparation or a recruiter looking for talented cloud engineers.
  • If you are familiar with any of Microsoft’s testing frameworks, such as MSTest or Visual Studio Test Platform, be sure to mention them.
  • These are some standard practices to ensure the highest level of data protection in the cloud.

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